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BTP Twitter Mailbag round 2!

Taking your questions from Twitter about all things NC State

Comic-Con International 2017 - 'Game Of Thrones' Panel And Q+A Session
Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Folks, we’re back with another edition of the BTP Twitter mailbag, and there’s a very decidedly Westeros-ish vibe to this week’s post. Of course I’m referring to a fictional region from the show Game of Thrones, which seems to weave its way into all matters of sports and pop culture discussion, but damn if it doesn’t make for some awesome #content discussion. Without further ado, let’s get right to it! (minor spoilers mentioned below, so you’ve been warned!)

Lordy, this is a great question. If we’re talking about the previous basketball season (‘16-’17), doesn’t it have to be Theon Greyjoy? Think about it - Theon decided he’d take the North himself early on in the show, and became rather boastful about it. Much like the basketball team, there was a ton of hype heading into the season, and much like Theon’s story, that season nosedived and flamed out in insane fashion to a point that I don’t think anyone expected. Fortunately for the basketball season, they’ve got new leadership and an ability to redeem themselves from last year’s debacle, whereas Theon...well...yeah. He’s pretty much screwed.

If we’re talking about football, I think the answer is Danaerys Targaryan. The football team has a LOT of talent on the team this year, as does the Mother of Dragons with her enormous army and three dragons. Hell, the defensive line State has could probably beat those dragons themselves. I mean, Kentavius Street did squat 700 lbs. That’s about what a Dragon weighs, I’d bet.

Danaerys has shown flashes of dominance this season on the show and in past seasons, but she has yet to win the big game (taking King’s Landing), which is a lot like Dave Doeren. There’s a lot of pressure riding on Doeren this season to deliver with easily the strongest team at State in years. The big question for him and the Khaleesi - can they finally win the big game?

Now THIS is a fun question. First and foremost, I’d send Nate Irving, simply so he could just start suplexing White Walkers and wights everywhere. Nate still to this day is one of the most badass players to ever suit up in the Red and White.

Next, I’d send Carlos Rodon, as he could chuck some high heat from a distance to give the group some ranged attacks.

We’d need a floor general of sorts to lead the group, so I’d tap Dennis Smith to run the attack and dunk on White Walkers in devastating ways, such that they feel so owned they need to just retreat back to their hiding place.

From a strategic standpoint, I’d send Russell Wilson. Why, you ask? Because Russell would just talk endless platitudes about utter nonsense for hours at the army of the dead, to the point of where all those White Walkers and Wights would retreat back to wherever they came from because they were so bored. “Hey guys, have some nanobubbles to help that weird blue skin condition, it also helps prevent concussions and also maybe you guys should wear my Good Man Brand!” Not even the dreaded White Walkers could withstand that.

Also, let’s bring Harrison Beck, but only if he gets the power of chucking those fireball bombs that the Children of the Forest have. Of course, he’s just as likely to hit one of the group of seven with one, so this could be a risky move. But, the fate of the world is at stake, and Jon Snow doesn’t exactly have the best group with him, either.

I feel like any member of the NC State Riflery team should be included here too. Give them a sniper rifle full of dragon glass ammo, and let them pick off the White Walkers one by one.

Lastly, we need to include a coach of some sort. There’s only one man that could start such adversity in the face and be completely unfazed by it. That’s right, I’m talking about Tom O’Brien. TOB could be the only one left standing in front of the White Walkers and would just fold his arms and sniff. Nothing intimidates him.

Eat your heart out, Jon Snow. The Wolfpack just saved Westeros.

I honestly haven’t looked at PackPride in awhile, but I hopped over there and I don’t think their site update is that bad. That being said, you should always read BTP - Matt (UMWolfpack87) and others here do a great job with recruiting news.

At this point, I sure as hell don’t. I’m so over even hearing about it. Their scandal has been going on for what, 10 years now? I’ve honestly lost track of how long this has gone on since Marvin Austin sent out that infamous club LIV tweet. It’s kind of remarkable to think that silly tweet was the start of all of this, but here we are. I honestly just don’t care what happens any more. Just end it already. Given that they just had their COI hearing, and the fact that the NCAA takes unbelievably long to issue a ruling, this probably isn’t going to end for several more months. At least we have the Dan Kane columns that still get UNC fans real mad for comedic purposes (and Mr. Wuf throwing mad shade at UNC, too!).