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NC State doesn’t play this week, so we’ll just have to enjoy this win over UNC a little bit longer

Wow. Darn.

NCAA Basketball: North Carolina State at North Carolina Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

You know, in my post-game euphoria I was looking at the upcoming schedule and I saw that, wow, we do not play all week. And then I thought, well shit, I guess I’ll just have to enjoy this win over UNC a little bit longer than usual, and then after that I was happy. Big roller coaster of emotions.

So anyway, yes NC State has a bye week of sorts coming up, but if I were you I absolutely would not let this distract you from the fact that the Wolfpack beat UNC in Chapel Hill over the weekend, which was a solid accomplishment worth lauding.

The thing with that game, too, was that it happened to be in Chapel Hill and also none of their jerk fans were anticipating any such outcome—if anything, they were expecting the OPPOSITE outcome. Oh my god what a time.

That’s just one of the myriad things you can think about this week, since we don’t play all week and we beat Carolina and Roy Williams has to live with disappointment. Roy living with disappointment is another thing you can think about. I’m not the boss of you, I’m just saying.