5 Star CG Jalen Lecque Set to Announce tomorrow at 10 Am

Lecque is a dynamic freak athlete ( i hate that term but it's the only one that adequately describes him) at the Guard position.

Word is strong that he commits to us tomorrow, and it's between us and Tennesse it looks like. Cautionary Note, while he can sign in the early period to us (and for the record, I think that's how this plays out) He could very well still go Pro in the spring if he feels he has a shot. LOI only restricts movement from D1 school to D1 school.

I feel this will 100% be based on how his shot develops over his last year in High School. If he can turn his shot into a respectable three-point threat he's gone IMO. If not he stays committed and uses his one year at State to further work on his shot.

Either way, Tomorrow should bring good news for us.