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Eric Leak still causing headaches for NC State

The disgraced former agent runner managed to worm his way into Dennis Smith Jr.’s camp.

NCAA Basketball: Virginia at North Carolina State Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

The federal trial regarding corruption in college basketball is ongoing this week, and over the last two days, NC State compliance director Carrie Doyle has been on the stand to provide testimony.

NC State’s recruitment of Dennis Smith Jr. has been a recurring topic throughout the proceedings up to this point, and Doyle has said that she had no knowledge of the alleged $40,000 payment to Dennis Smith Jr.’s father.

Among the revelations this week is an internal memo from 2014 between NCSU administrators in which they expressed misgivings over the apparent necessity of contact between Mark Gottfried and known former/current agent runners ... including Eric Leak.

Leak, somehow, had become a “financial advisor” for the Smith camp, and this was years after NC State sent leak a letter of disassociation and barred him from campus. Leak provided impermissible benefits to CJ Leslie and Tracy Smith back in 2011. He also managed to form a business relationship of some sort with Wolfpack defensive back David Amerson, and more recently, Leak plead guilty to a money laundering charge, among other things.

He’s been a significant problem for NC State’s compliance department, and was obviously a red flag for the school amid Gottfried’s efforts to land DSJ. Maybe that should have been the point at which State cut its recruiting ties with Smith Jr., but it’s easy to say that in hindsight.

To be clear, there is no indication that Leak had anything to do with the large cash payment made to Smith Sr., but there are plenty of awkward complications I can imagine coming from his ties to the Smith family.