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Bye Week Binge Watch - ONE with Wolfpack Football

Spend the off week catching up on this great series

Virginia v North Carolina State Photo by Lance King/Getty Images

Bye weeks are great for the team, but are a real drag for the fan. If you’re looking at the slate of Week 7 games and feeling nonplussed, well have I got a deal for you. For the length of one football game, you can spend this time without Wolfpack football by watching clips of Wolfpack football!

If you’ve been living under a rock, “ONE with Wolfpack Football” is pretty much the best behind the scenes football series in the country. Maybe you watched last season and have been meaning to catch up with this year’s version. If that’s the case, then scroll on down and make your way through the whole six episode stretch.

Each episode has a one word title and theme. If there’s one marked change from last year, Dave Doeren definitely seems much more vocal and animated in the locker room and sideline. The team really seems to feed off his constantly positive energy, it’s great to watch.

Missed opportunities so far: No Coach Henry motivational speeches. I would also like to see what Tanner Ingle has to say, he seems like a good interview.

Episode 1 - CULTURE

Staff interviewed: Aaron Henry (Nickels coach), Ted Roof (Associate HC/Co-Defensive Coordinator/Safeties Coach)

Players interviewed: Ryan W. Finley (QB, #squirrelmentality?), Germaine Pratt (LB, arms of adamantium)

Highlights: Footage from fall camp, and clips from Victory Day (I’m not crying you’re crying)

Episode 2 - DESIRE

Staff interviewed: Kevin Patrick (Defensive Line coach)

Players interviewed: Alim McNeill (DT), Eurndraus Bryant (DT)

Highlights: Field prep porn, with a nice drone overhead shot, Bryant’s voluntary community service youtube videos

Game footage: JMU, too many great WR catches to count, Bryant’s scary injury moment

Episode 3 - CONFIDENCE

Staff interviewed: Eddie Faulkner (TE/Fullbacks coach, Special Teams Coordinator)

Players interviewed: CJ Riley (WR), Jakobi Meyers (WR, DID YOU KNOW HE WAS ORIGINALLY A QB?!)

Highlights: Did I mention that Jakobi Meyers wasn’t even originally supposed to play the position he’s destroying the world in??

Game footage: Georgia State, Thayer Thomas’ one-handed TD, several players first TD’s

Episode 4 - TRUST

Staff interviewed: Eliah Drinkwitz (OC/ QB coach)

Players interviewed: Thayer Thomas (WR), Matthew McKay (QB)

Highlights: Thomas’ great origin story (is Torry Holt still a high school coach? Can we find a spot for him on the staff?)

Game footage: Marshall

Episode 4 - LEGACY

Staff interviewed: George McDonald (WR coach/Passing Game Coordinator)

Players interviewed: Reggie Gallaspy, Jr (RB)

Highlights: Former Head Coach Chuck Amato made a cameo at fall camp! Great to see him. Also nice to see quick clips of Mario Williams, Bradley Chubb, Russell Wilson, Philip Rivers, and Holt. Gallaspy’s adorable daughter

Game footage: UVA

Episode 6 - STRENGTH

Staff interviewed: Dantonio Burnette (Assistant AD / Director of Strength & Conditioning), Tim Rabas (Associate Director / Director of Athletic Performance)

Players interviewed: Larrell Murchison (DT) (not Kyle Bambard)

Highlights: Excellent footage of not just DD working out, but the advanced ways the training staff is building up the team. Thunder Dan’s Gator Bowl bodyslam for the ages.

Game footage: BC


There you go. Do yourself a favor and watch this great series!