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Week 5: A Whole Pack of GIFs

Marina Hoermanseder - Backstage - Berlin Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2019 Photo by Joern Pollex/Getty Images

(This header image is a gif-t for you hard ‘G’ gif-ers out there. Despite our pronunciation differences, I hope we can still be friends.)

Week 5’s Most GIF-able Moments

Pressing the (Em)Ezie Button

Ryan Finley is a very good quarterback. But even when he’s having an off day, he has a receiving corp that can continue to make him look good. Emeka Emezie is one of those WRs.

Emezie got started less than a minute into Saturday’s game on a flea flicker play that Finley threw downfield despite double coverage.

Then in the 2nd quarter, Finley threw a perfect pass to #28 for UVa. Fortunately, Emezie threw himself in front of the impending doom and sent #28 bouncing harmlessly away. I’ve watched this on loop dozens of times now and I still don’t know how he caught it.

Meet Kelvin Harmon

Kelvin Harmon is a strong individual. Defenders should take this into account before recklessly launching their bodies at him. #28 had to be helped off the field. #28 does not have a body by Thunder.

Go, Go Gadget Arms

Ryan Finley tried the QB sneak on 4th and 1. Ryan Finley fumbled the ball straight up into the air well short of the first down marker. After a deflection off Autenrieth’s back side [insert tight end joke], two arms that we’ve been told are Ryan Finley’s stretch out from the pile and catch the ball. The refs say it was a 1st down. This play might have me more confused than that time JaySam teleported for a TD against FSU last season.

These TDs...

It’s been noted that Finley wasn’t sharp to start the game, but my goodness did he make some nice throws and these two touchdown passes might have been his best.

Right after the first down gifted to the Pack after that crazy fumble play, Finley floats a beautiful pass to Cary Angeline for his first catch and first TD in a Wolfpack uniform.

Then in the 4th quarter, Finley and Harmon connect on a throw and catch that you see on Sundays. We’re watching two special players. Take time to appreciate them in Pack uniforms while you can.

Exceptional Person

Freshman running back Ricky Person had a breakout performance on Saturday. Not long after flashing his potential on one pretty good run that was called back for holding, this happened:

3 straight runs for 55 yards. Here is a look a each of those runs individually:

He decided to add one more big run in the 4th quarter. I wanted him to reach the end zone so badly on that one.

Parade of Pressure

Along with the vast improvement in the run game, the pressure the defense was able to get on the QB was one of the more impressive things to watch in the game. Bryce Perkins came in as the engine that make Virginia go and he was harassed all game long.

From Germaine Pratt

From Darian Roseboro

From Deonte Holden

From James Smith-Williams

And last, but certainly not least, Mr. Larrell Murchison - who ate Virginia’s offensive line alive late in the 4th quarter.

He had not one...

Not two...

but THREE sacks in the last 4 minutes of the game.

Perfectly timed interceptions

The Pack away with two interceptions on Saturday - one at the end of each half. In the first half, Nick McCloud came up with an INT with 35 seconds left. It not only kept Virginia from scoring before the break when they got the ball to start the second half, it also came with enough time left on the clock for the Pack to get into position to score another FG before halftime.

With just over a minute left in the game and Virginia threatening to pull within a touchdown, Dexter Wright batted a pass into the air that he was able to intercept and virtually end the game.

Hit of the Week

Nick McCloud did his best Tanner Ingle impression on a perfectly timed hit in punt coverage.

Chris Dunn Did It

Chris Dunn hit a career long 44 yarder to end the first half. Go ahead and celebrate, young man!

In the end, the Wolfpack walked away from Carter-Finley Stadium with a solid 35-21 win.