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Five Things you don’t need to know about Boston College


North Carolina State Wolfpack v Boston College Eagles Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images

NC State vs. Boston College is back and boasts some exciting new features, including serious ACC Atlantic implications. Below you’ll find five extremely important keys to winning on Saturday, except the exact opposite of that.

  • This is only the third episode of five things, but we have a pretty good candidate for the creepiest story we will see all year. In 2014, news stations started to pick up the story of what became known as the “Kirkland tickler.” This was a man who would break into apartments and homes of college students, enter their rooms, and tickle their feet while they were sleeping. He never stole anything or did any harm. He just tickled. Many believed it to be a hoax, but the police took it quite seriously and there were plenty of individual accounts. The dumbest part of this story is the apparent lack of any resolution at all. It just kinda went away, as far as I can tell.
  • Boston College’s first ever varsity football victory was a 3-0 win over Fordham in 1915. In 2015, the Eagles honored the 100th anniversary of its first win by putting up another 3-0 score and again playing something that barely resembled modern college football.
  • Back in the 90s, Vanilla Ice once tried to perform in a campus bar that would later be repurposed into a dining hall. The concert was called off on account of the stage collapsing.
  • Tom O’Brien never won a road game in the NC State-BC rivalry during his entire tenure . . . at either school. This is important to note because the intense mediocrity of TOB that manifested itself in every NC State-Boston College game is the root of the dread that comes over State fans every time these two teams play football against each other. Oddly enough, the road team is 4-1 since O’Brien’s exit from the rivalry and has won the last four meetings.
  • Current head coach Steve Addazio, who has to be one of your favorite coaches in all of college football, once made this video about just being dudes.