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NC State smokes Louisville, 52-10


NCAA Football: North Carolina State at Louisville Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

These things take time. And by that I mean they need just a general awareness of the glacial pull of the universe. NC State won in Louisville by a large margin on Saturday, even without much trying, and haha we were concerned about the outcome of this game! Well that’ll go to show us.

(It never will.)

State started slow, but once Kelvin Harmon caught a touchdown pass over his right shoulder, it was over. Louisville managed to flail around up to that point, but it didn’t take much for any opposition to put that away.

A little positive momentum put a tidy end to what would otherwise have been a struggle. The weather was gross, and also you had to wear these stupid uniforms, and also we’re in Kentucky for some reason.

Louisville still stinks and we are exactly where we thought we were, and it is a fine Saturday, Go Pack.