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ACC issues suspensions in aftermath of NC State vs UNC brawl

Could have been worse I guess.

North Carolina State v North Carolina Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images

The ACC announced today it has issued suspensions for players on both sides involved in the post-game “celebrations”, after Reggie Gallaspy’s game winning touchdown in overtime. You know the one, that touchdown resulting in NC State winning and UNC losing, yeah that one.

The players suspended were Dominique Ross, Patrice Rene, J.K. Britt and Jeremiah Clarke of North Carolina, and Freddie Phillips Jr., Tyler Jones and Justin Witt of N.C. State. The Tar Heels must sit out for half of the 2019 season opener against South Carolina, while the N.C. State players will miss part of this week’s game against East Carolina. The schools will determine whether it’s the first or the second half of those games.

Four players from UNC and three from N.C. State will be suspended for one half each team’s next game. Which, obviously for UNC, will not occur for another year. Because, well, they only won two games this year.

As for NC State, the loss of these players should hopefully be absorbed by their teammates. The fact that ECU currently stands at 3-8 should not be reason to overlook them, it has trap game written all over it. That being said, the Pack has been very good at protecting Ryan Finley. Losing two starting offensive tackles es no bueno. Maybe the coaches will decide to split up the suspensions per half so both aren’t out at the same time.

Also, fighting is bad, don’t do fighting.