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Let’s take a deeper look at Wake Forest: A Q&A with BloggerSoDear

Cameron Lemons Debro from BSD stops by to answer our questions about the Thursday night matchup against the Deacs. Give him a follow on Twitter @CamLemons_, and check out my responses to his questions over on Blogger So Dear.

NCAA Football: Notre Dame at Wake Forest Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

BTP: Currently, the Deacs are 4-5 with three games to play. What were fans expectations heading into the season, and where did things go awry during the season? Do you feel a bowl bid is still possible?

CLD: In the immortal words of Kevin Garnett, “Anything is Possible!” There’s a distinct difference between possible and probable. It’s very possible Wake wins two out of their last three and squeaks into a bowl. Probable? Eh... It’s hard to really grasp where the faithful wanted. 7 wins would be around where I thought this team should’ve been going into the season, but having your starting Quarterback being suspended which throws your true freshman QB into the mix, having what I think has to be the most injuries in the nation(we legitimately had 1 healthy linebacker at FSU) and having to fire the defensive coordinator after 4 games is not a recipe for success. Do I think this team gets to a bowl? It tough, but doable.

BTP: The Wolfpack are 5-0 at home - what will Wake Forest have to do to leave Carter-Finley with a win Thursday night in what will surely be a tough environment?

CLD: Hope NC State thinks the game is Friday.

But in all honesty, come out and play their game. This offense regardless of the QB is actually really good. If the offensive line gives Jamie Newman time then this could bode very well. Defense has to not allow Finley to throw for 5000 yards. They’ve been doing a good job lately of being in position, just got to make the tackles.

NCAA Football: Wake Forest at Florida State Glenn Beil-USA TODAY Sports

BTP: Who do you feel is going to start the game at QB for Wake - Jamie Newman or Kendall Hinton and why?

CLD: Well before the news came out I had already written and published an article as to why I believe Kendall should be starting this game and the rest of the season.

Then around noon, Dave Clawson laughed in my face. I’m fine with Jamie starting. He is a QB of a size I don’t think we’ve ever had before, which is very nice to have. he’s very mobile, he’s not going to force throws, and I think he’s more than capable of keeping this team on schedule.

BTP: Who is one player on Wake Forest that isn’t all that well known for NC State fans to keep an eye on during the game?

CLD: Rondell Bothroyd. he has been making some plays and is now a regular in the defensive line rotation. And while NC State has allowed *checks notes* 4 sacks all season. I could see him getting SOME pressure.

NCAA Football: Syracuse at Wake Forest Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

BTP: Any major injuries to report?

CLD: *insert gif of long list unrolling* I think the biggest 2 injuries to keep an eye on involve Boogie Basham and Kendall Hinton. Boogie was in the protocol last week and had an absolute GAME before that against Louisville. He’s huge to the defensive line. Kendall is a bit different. While he’s fallen off the depth chart, it’s going to be very important to have him in case Newman royally struggles and a QB switch needs to happen.

BTP: Let’s get a prediction - who walks out of Carter-Finley victorious?

CLD: NC State 41-24. I think/hope Wake walks out of this healthy and gets the extra few days after to prepare to make the next two games. Wake hasn’t won in Carter-Finley in a while and with all the injuries/how State is playing I don’t see this changing any time soon