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NC State Returns to the World of the Ranked, #20 in Week 8 AP Poll

And #6 in the NET

NCAA Basketball: Auburn at N.C. State Nell Redmond-USA TODAY Sports

#20 in Week 8 Poll

Probably at least a week late, but the AP voters finally woke up this week and realized that Kevin Keatts does, in fact, stay winning. NC State (11-1) moved into the poll for the first time since 2013, landing at #20. In case you need help remembering that far back, 2013 is when Iron Man 3 came out, and when the Red Wedding happened. Yeah, it’s been a while.

Following a win over then #7 Auburn, the Wolfpack are getting the attention of just enough voters to garner a top 20 recognition. There is still probably some trepidation given the Pack’s relatively weak schedule to this point. Within grasp are wins against Loyola Maryland and Miami to set up a nice matchup against those guys that play basketball but don’t attend class in Chapel Hill.

If nothing else, the AP voters are trying to acknowledge the Pack just enough, allowing for room to vote them out if they lose. Silly voters, haven’t you met Kevin Keatts?

#6 in NET Rankings

Perhaps just as, if not more, important, is that NC State has moved up to #6 in the latest NET (NCAA Evaluation Tool) rankings. Despite not getting attention from the AP, State has been steadily moving up these rankings the last few weeks. Other ACC schools in the NET top 25 rankings include:

1. Duke

2. Virginia

6. NC State

17. Louisville (wait, what?)

20. UNC

21. VT

Yes, obviously all these rankings will shake out further as we enter January and the ACC season. But having these marks in the sand set a great foundation the rest of the way, and mark how well the team has performed during the first third of the season.

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