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Dwayne Ledford leaving NC State for Louisville, reuniting with Scott Satterfield


Georgia State v Appalachian State Photo by Brian Blanco/Getty Images

It turns out the biggest threat for Dwayne Ledford’s services wasn’t App State, but rather the guy who just left App State and walked into a much larger budget. Per a report from Football Scoop, Ledford is leaving NC State and reuniting with Scott Satterfield at Louisville. Those two worked together for several years at App.

Whether or not Ledford technically is getting a promotion, he certainly earned a raise out of this move, and beyond that, maybe he just wanted another opportunity to work with Satterfield. That makes plenty of sense.

No doubt it is a significant blow to the Wolfpack coaching staff, though. Especially since Ledford is staying in the Atlantic Division. He has a lot of work ahead of him in the near term, however, but Louisville’s offensive line will probably improve quickly.

So, yeah, this is a big bummer. But NC State survived losing Ryan Nielsen to the NFL, and it can survive this loss as well. Particularly at mid-tier program like NC State, you just have to assume that your best assistants will be moving on for more money/responsibility at some point. I wish Dwayne and his family all the best.