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Parking is about to be a lot less fun at Carter-Finley

A developer has supposedly purchased the TX and Trinity lots

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Sad news to report here today, y’all. Two major parking areas for Carter-Finley Stadium are no longer going to be available to use effective immediately. Per the release on

...the privately-owned Trinity (TL) and TX lots are now under contract for sale and are not expected to be available for football parking beginning with the 2018 season. As such, neither lot will be available during the upcoming online selection process for the 2018 season. The other privately-owned parking lots, including Cardinal Gibbons, Frank Weedon, and West Chase, will continue to be options for the 2018 season.

NC State Athletics continues to actively pursue additional game day parking options for the 2018 and future football seasons, now that the TX and Trinity lots have been sold.

This is legitimately terrible. But wait, it gets worse!

Great, just what this area needs - more apartments! At least Dr. Yow is working to ensure they don’t lose any additional parking. If you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go pour one out for two of the most fun tailgate locations at Carter-Finley.