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Apparent Star QB Ryan Lindsey could Challenge Finley

Nobody knows who Lindsey is yet

North Carolina State v Pittsburgh
Head Coach Dave Doeren seemed confused when asked about secret weapon Lindsey
Photo by Justin Berl/Getty Images

Ryan Finley has been enormously successful as a quarterback since he transferred to NC State in the spring of 2016. He threw for more than 3000 yards both of his two years and figures to have a great chance to be the best quarterback in the ACC this year. That is, if he wins the starting job. According to some connected and knowledgeable folks at ESPN and like networks, a relatively unknown quarterback named Ryan Lindsey has risen quickly and could challenge Finley.

Only a handful of broadcasters and analysts have knowledge of this apparently very talented quarterback. Todd McShay seems to believe Lindsey could rise all the way to a first round draft pick this year. That’s wild to think about given how little we have seen from him, but who am I to doubt McShay.

Lindsey appears to be a well-kept secret by Doeren and co. (that is assuming they even know about him) as he has never appeared on a depth chart and has never recorded a stat. Broadcasters from last year’s Sun Bowl seemed to believe that he was in the game at several different occasions, but he still has never officially recorded a snap. Given the confusion by the announcers, we can probably assume that Lindsey has a similar physical appearance as Ryan Finley. This would mean Lindsey has decent size and good but not outrageous arm. That’s really all we can deduce at this point though.

It’s unclear who the sources are that have leaked Lindsey’s existence to a small handful of very specific media members, but regardless I am excited at the possibility of having two first round draft picks at quarterback this year. Perhaps this surprise star quarterback will work as the ultimate wrinkle in Drinkwitz’s system.

Given this lack of official playing time though, it’s tough to predict what we we’ll see from Lindsey this year, but if he’s as good as football expert Todd McShay appears to think he is, we could be in for a surprise under center at some point in 2018.

(this is satire)