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Life on Campus at NC State: June 2018

The last time I posted one of these, State was in the middle of what was looking to be an exciting baseball season. That season ended unceremoniously, but football recruiting is blowing up in a good way, and there’s always next year, right? (right?)

The View on Pullen Circle:

The last time I was back in Raleigh, I saw that there was a construction sign standing in the small parking lot directly behind Players’ Retreat. That sign was used to announce “The View on Pullen Circle”. This is a set of 35 one and two bedroom condominiums to be built directly behind Players’ Retreat and beside Liquid State / David’s Dumpling & Noodle Bar. These condominiums will look directly out onto the Belltower and would be walking distance from Downtown Raleigh, Cameron Village, and NCSU. In other news, if anyone has a couple of million dollars to send my way for the purchase of one of these, my Venmo is always open (@wroncsu).

IBM on Centennial Campus:

Back in May 2018 it was announced that NCSU will be the first university in the United States to join IBM’s Quantum Computing hub as part of IBM’s “Global Q Network”. The site will be up and running on NCSU’s Centennial Campus by October 2018. As mentioned in the WRAL article linked above, this network is a “collaboration of Fortune 500 companies, academic institutions and national research labs working directly with IBM to advance quantum computing.” The only other universities currently joined in as part of this network are Oxford University in the UK, Keio University in Japan, and the University of Melbourne in Australia.

La Stella Wood-Fired:

H-Street Kitchen opened in the old textbook shop / McDonald’s / movie theater / XXX-theater location in August 2016 after extensive renovations. About a year later, H-Street closed and La Stella Wood-Fired opened in its place. There were some minor changes made, but it was essentially the exact same concept opening in a spot where its predecessor had failed over the previous year.

I visited both restaurants a couple of times, and really liked the space and interior. However, the food was a little expensive, and for a place next to a college campus, they didn’t offer any sort of drink specials during game watches (i.e. beer pitchers, beer buckets, etc.). It never made much sense to me as to why La Stella and H-Street chose to adopt a model that would have fit much better in downtown Raleigh, rather than a model that would’ve worked better on Hillsborough Street and next to a college campus. All you have to do is look next door at Mitch’s, or down the street at Players’ Retreat or East Village for the type of model that can be successful on Hillsborough. This location has the interior space to be a great, and needed, addition to Hillsborough. However, changes like cheaper food, drink specials, being a place where students can go late night, and simply adopting more of a college atmosphere would be a step in the right direction for whatever concept ends up in this location next.

NC Equipment Co. Building:

This has been in the works for a while, but ITB Insider recently posted the above story noting that demolition permits have finally been issued for the old North Carolina Equipment Company building. This building has been particularly note worthy due to the iconic tractor sign that’s sat on the roof of the building for about as long as I can remember. In place of this building will be a 5-story student apartment complex and attached parking deck. The complex will be known as The Standard. The concepts shown on the link to their website shows some ground level retail options and also how they plan to incorporate the old NC Equipment Company sign into the new building.

One additional bit of information in the ITB Insider story linked above that I found interesting as well, is that the original Trophy Brewing location at 827 W. Morgan Street will be expanding. This location is not right by NCSU, but it’s a pretty easy walk from the edge of campus near the Belltower and is situated between campus and downtown Raleigh.

DH Hill Academic Success Center:

I first saw mention of this project within the most recent NCSU Alumni Association magazine, but there’s not a whole lot of additional information that I could find on the web about this. However, there are some bid proposal websites that offered a bit of clarity over what this entails as shown in the link above. With the construction of Hunt Library’s “book-bot” finishing up a few years ago, a good number of the books that had been housed in the book stacks at DH Hill Library have been moved over to Hunt Library. This has allowed NCSU to start renovating different areas of DH Hill. The largest of these renovations is a new “Academic Success Center” that is set to be added to the second and third floors of DH Hill Library.

RIP Applebee’s:

Both the Applebee’s and Burger King locations on Hillsborough Street close to the edge of campus nearest to Doak Field have each closed over the last year. I kind of expected someone to buy that entire plot of land and develop it into something new, but it was recently announced that TLD Wings and Grill, a sports and hookah bar, will be taking over the spot formerly occupied by Applebee’s.

PNC Bank in Talley:

The new Talley Student Union finished construction a few years back. The building added numerous food options for students, a new bookstore, and additional spaces for student organizations. Last week it was announced that PNC Bank will also be opening a branch office within Talley.

Carmichael Gymnaisum Renovations:

I’ve mentioned this in previous posts on BtP, but construction officially began in June 2018 on the Carmichael Gym renovations at NCSU. Carmichael Gymnasium was expanded in 1987, the Carmichael Recreation Center was added in 2007, and more recently there was a large-scale renovation of locker rooms and various fitness areas within the gm in 2016. This new project will be another large-scale addition / renovation effort largely concentrated on the building next door to the gym that currently holds offices, classrooms, and racquet ball courts that sometimes double as classrooms (or at least did for my freshman year PE class). The link above lists the goals of the project, concept art of what this new addition will look like, and the timeline for the project, which is set to conclude in 2020. With these Carmichael renovations, the recent renovations & additions to Talley, and the recent Reynolds renovations, that entire area of campus will be almost unrecognizable to someone who hasn’t visited campus in the last few years.

Changes at Carter-Finley:

These two changes to Carter-Finley and the surrounding area have been the subject of two separate posts on BtP. The first of which is the new ACC Network Studio that is opening inside of the Murphy Center and the second of which is additional parking spaces that have been added in the extended vicinity of Carter-Finley.

I’m personally still reeling from the loss of the Trinity and TX parking lots at Carter-Finley as I plan my fall around being able to get out to Carter-Finley and tailgate 6+ times a year. The TX Lot is where I’d parked for the last 4 years after “graduating” from the student lot and I’m really going to miss the space those lots afforded, the fact that those lots were not paved, and the shade from the trees that borders those lots.

I understand the situation that NCSU was put in with the sale of these lots to a development firm that paid far above market value for the lots, and I understand that NCSU did what they could by trying to bid for these lots, and then eventually having to add additional lots for season ticket holders once TX and Trinity were lost. However, I picked my season ticket seat location last week, as well as my parking spot location (anyone have any information about what to expect in the Westchase Lot?), and this entire situation is still the absolute worst.

I urge everyone to join me in saying a daily morning prayer that the sale of the TX and Trinity lots falls through. I’m also still not entirely sure what the draw will be for students to live in the student housing that is to eventually be built in those two lots unless State has entire collection of students that absolutely adore Backyard Bistro.