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BTP Twitter Mailbag 8-10-2018!

Answering any and all of your questions!

NCAA Basketball: Santa Clara at Gonzaga
Can’t you just imagine a statue of this guy on campus?
James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

We’re back with another batch of questions from our pals on twitter, and we’ve got some pretty amazing ones this week if I do say so myself. Remember, if you follow me on twitter (@thrillis4) and you’ve got a question you want answered, send it my way!

First up, let’s go to our resident BTP GIF expert, No. 23 Sports:

Technically, that’s true. Per Debbie’s interview with the Wolfpacker earlier this summer, her contract ends July 15, 2019. Given that we’re within a year of that now, I hope there is some sort of discussion going on that either extends that contract or puts in place some sort of succession plan. I don’t think it’s time to freak out. Knowing how well Debbie is prepared, I’m sure the school is working on something.

It goes without saying that Debbie has been an absolute force at NC State, and she’s made an incredible difference in turning around the athletic program, as evidenced by the university finishing 15th in this year’s Director’s Cup, the highest finish in school history. Whatever she decides to do, I will be grateful for the impact she’s had on our university.

Next up, we have Bert, whose tweets are protected but asked this question:

what’s the scariest thing that NC State could build a statue of and put on campus

Hoo boy, lot of directions one can go with this. A statue of Herb Sendek would be pretty upsetting to me, mainly because it would just be an avatar of mediocrity smack dab on campus.

It’d also be pretty scary to see a statue of the play where Nate Irving suplex tackled ECU into oblivion (but also kind of awesome). Friend of the program Jameson suggested that it be a statue of the dead bear that someone left on campus awhile back. Or it could just be a statue that plays audio readings of bad tweets from StateFansNation, one of the worst accounts on that damn website. All of those would be pretty damn scary for various reasons.

But the absolute scariest? A statue of Harrleson Hall. Never again should State students have to suffer staring at anything relating to that hell hole of a building.

Last up this week, Jameson is back with probably the best question I’ve gotten to date:

I get the sense that top hat fake Nevada tuffy would fight much like the dirtiest player in the game, Ric Flair. After all, Nevada did try to steal the Tuffy Logo. Probably a lot of below the belt shots and eye pokes to gain an advantage. Come on, you know damn well that NC State’s Tuffy would rally and pin bizarro Nevada Tuffy! That’s no question.