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BTP Twitter Mailbag Weekend edition!

Answering any and all of your questions!

NCAA Football: North Carolina at North Carolina State Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

What better way to countdown the remaining Saturdays until football returns with a Twitter mailbag from our BTP readers! Remember, you can always follow me on Twitter (@thrillis4) any time you want to see a question answered. Let’s dive on in!

First up, we’ve got Charlotte Wolf calling in on the Finebaum hotline:

Hoo buddy, there’s a lot of awful and disgusting behavior coming out of Ohio State these days. If you haven’t seen Brett McMurphy’s latest post on this story about Zach Smith, I’d steer clear of clicking on this link at work, there’s some NSFW details in there. In short, the more details that come out from this story, the stranger and more disgusting it gets. Urban is still on administrative leave, and your guess is as good as mine as to what’s going to happen to him. I think he should be fired, but who knows if the university will actually follow through with that.

Next up, Bert is back with an incredible question:

if you could fight one ACC coach, but both you and the coach have your current strength/fighting abilities, who would you choose and why

I’ve often thought that Steve Addazio looks strikingly like Bald Bull from Mike Tyson’s Punchout. Obviously, if he moves with the quickness of Bald Bull, I’d be in real trouble. Also, nobody in their right mind would fight Larry Fedora given that he likes to smash tires with a sledgehammer on the reg. Essentially, at my current strength levels I doubt I could win any of those fights. I’d really need to train with Thunder Dan to get me into fighting shape before I’d be able to win any fight.

Keeping the fighting theme going, Jameson is back with this question:

Lordy, if that’s the first game the new Trinity Tunnel will be open, that’s going to be an absolute mess. One of the biggest home games of the season plus a 3:30 start and two rowdy fanbases - plan accordingly, y’all. Might be best to avoid the tunnel for that week.

Moving on, Gordon has some thoughts on the concessions at Carter-Finley:

My only comment would be on games where it’s going to be outrageously hot, letting those lemonades sit out for awhile would make them watered down. If we’re talking the frozen lemonade stand (which admittedly I haven’t seen in awhile), that has to be made to order.

On the whole though, Gordon brings up a good point. Concessions at Carter-Finley need to be more efficient, and in general they need an upgrade badly. Maybe when the NCGA eventually gets it together and allows for the sale of alcohol at Carter-Finely, some of that revenue can be invested back into the stadium for some upgrades.

Last up, Drew wants to know what uniforms the Pack is going to wear each week:

We touched on this a couple of mailbags ago, but here’s my official prediction:

  • JMU - white helmet, red jersey, white pants
  • Georgia State - all white (given that the game is being promoted as a white out, this is the only option)
  • West Virginia - red helmet, red jersey, white pants (this game is also being promoted as “Varsity Club Weekend”)
  • At Marshall - red helmet, white jersey, white pants
  • Boston College - white helmet, red jersey, white pants
  • At Clemson - red helmet, white jersey, red pants
  • At Syracuse - all white
  • Florida State - all red (this game is being promoted as a red out, again this is the only option)
  • Wake Forest - all black (this game is senior night on a Thursday night and is being promoted as a black out, y’all know this is what the Pack is wearing)
  • At Louisville - all white
  • At UNC - red helmet, white jersey, red pants