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BTP’s offseason mailbag!

[dusts off mic] this thing on?

NCAA Football: ACC Media Days Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Oh hey, y’all. Been awhile since I’ve been regularly writing for BTP, and I’m thrilled to let y’all know I’ll be back writing a lot more! We’re going to start that by dusting off the ol’ twitter mailbag, where I’ll do my best to answer y’all’s questions. Let’s not waste any time!

First up, we’ve got our pal Brant:

Whew. This is a tough one, Brant. If we’re going with just the current ones, I’m going to rank them as such:

  1. Black helmet, black jersey, black pants
  2. Red helmet, white jersey, red pants
  3. Red helmet, white jersey, black pants
  4. Red helmet, red jersey, white pants
  5. White helmet, white jersey, white pants
  6. White helmet, red jersey, white pants
  7. White helmet, red jersey, red pants
  8. Red helmet, red jersey, red pants
  9. Black helmet, white jersey, black pants (this was done once I believe).
  10. Black helmet, white jersey, white pants

We don’t have confirmation yet that the gray “Iron Wolf” uniforms are back this year, but per this tweet from @ReevesiXi, it appears they will at least not be worn for the Military Appreciation Day game, which has been when they’ve been used the past couple of years:

My guess is based on the following, we’ll see the following:

  • James Madison game - white helmet, red jersey, white pants.
  • Georgia State game - white helmet, white jersey, white pants (obviously).
  • Virginia game - white helmet, red jersey, white pants.
  • Boston College game - red helmet, red jersey, white pants.
  • Florida State game - red helmet, red jersey, red pants (again, obviously).
  • Wake Forest game - black helmet, black jersey, black pants. I know that the early images of the black helmet isn’t the same as last year’s helmet (which was by far the best helmet in the history of this team), but they should use last year’s variant for this game.

As for the away games, you’ll probably see a lot of all white or red-white-red I’m guessing.

If we’re talking ultimate combo, we’re going to use the aforementioned black helmet with the black jersey and pants worn against Louisville. Wearing those at night against Louisville with this hype Can’t beat that.

Next up, we’ve got Jacob with a question about football scheduling:

You are correct Jacob in that football schedules get set years in advance. Honestly, I’d like to see the Pack get someone from the Pac-12 scheduled as a non-conference opponent. Aside from beating Arizona State in the Sun Bowl, I can’t recall NC State playing a Pac-12 opponent recently. I’d love to see the Pack take on Oregon or USC.

I also wouldn’t mind playing Texas again, as we’re coming up on 20 years since the Pack beat them in the only match up between the two teams.

Let’s go to Alex, who really wants football back:

Patience, sir! Practice is getting rolling and before you know it, that first home game against JMU will be here before you know it. Let us enjoy the June before it arrives!

Here’s PapaJohn, who hopefully is not John Schnatter, with a basketball question:

I certainly hope so! Several months ago, PackInsider posted a column about his commitment, which included a video of some in-game footage of DJ as a juco player. Hard to say how that might translate to ACC play, but he appeared efficient at scoring in the paint, and could also hit the three. Per he will be wearing the #0 jersey, so perhaps he will inherit Abu’s thunderous dunk trait.

Last up, JT has a super interesting question:

Honestly, I’m not sure. A lot of it I imagine involves networking early on at a young age to get into that industry, and then absorbing as much knowledge as you can at each position if you’re lucky enough to move up in the ranks. I’m sure there are plenty of coaching clinics or classes around as well, but that’s a great question you have, I’ve never really thought about that.

Finally, stay tuned in the coming days, but you might, just might see the return of the #goacc moment of the week.