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Should NC State play Devin Leary against UVA?

Opportunities to kick the tires abound

Virginia v North Carolina State Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

All season, there has been discussion on which players will take advantage of the new redshirt rules. Matt McKay saw a little action against Georgia State, but otherwise it has been the Ryan Finley rodeo, for obvious reasons. Dave Doeren has intimated that Leary, the former NJ state player of the year, would redshirt. But what’s the harm in taking advantage of his four game allotment to kick the tires and see he’s got against college level competition?

McKay and Leary are both on the depth chart for the game against UVA. With either one, coming into the game would require a comfortable lead first and foremost, unless something catastrophic happens but let’s not even entertain that thought. Assuming that happens (the lead, not the other bad thing), I think an opportunity for a Leary appearance against UVA presents itself nicely for a few reasons.

Home game: As annoying as these nooners are, a home cross-division afternoon game on “Parents and Families Day” might provide a smooth introduction. There wouldn’t be the spotlight of a primetime/rivalry game, so there would the least amount of pressure possible. Not saying he needs to be coddled, but for your first appearance low pressure is always better than the alternative.

UVA defense is hurting: The Wahoos had a young defense to start, and injuries across the defensive line, LB’s and secondary have put them in a tough spot. Their shiny 3-1 record may not stay that way for long if their guys don’t get healthy soon. What that means for Mr. Cannon Arm is a potential to unleash some bombs to fellow NJ native Kelvin Harmon. On the flip side, their pass defense is 42nd nationally, giving up only 183 yards/game. I still think their injuries out rank what they’ve done so far.

Receiving corps: Having monster receivers doesn’t hurt. Ever. The connection with the aforementioned Harmon is a bonus.

Anyway, what do you think? Should DD not risk the injury and just put Leary on the shelf for a year? Or would it be worth doing a status check to see what you have in case of the super duper duper duper/almost too unrealistic to bring it up long shot of Kelly Bryant transferring in?


Completely unrelated, I am terrified of THIS happening again: