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NC State almost gets double digit votes in the Week 2 AP Poll

Just keep winning and it’ll be fine

James Madison v North Carolina State Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images

The Week 2 AP poll was released today, and NC State is still somewhat in the mix. The Wolfpack received nine (9) votes, as opposed to last week’s 22. If you’re counting, and who can count past 25, really, but my math puts them at 33rd. This is just one spot back from last week.

It’s good that the Pack are staying in the mix, and nobody should be worried about the reduction in votes. A close win against a FCS opponent isn’t great optics, regardless of whether JMU is a good team in their own right. Other ACC teams got more headlines this weekend, even Duke and BC. A side conversation is whether we should be keeping track of BC, their offense may be trouble. Also, FSU dropped out completely, and Miami dropped like a rock. It’s possible the “is Miami good?” debate from last year will carry right over to this year, and may be joined by the Noles. That’s a fun game.

Anyway, winning convincingly against GSU doesn’t guarantee the Wolfpack will be ranked heading into the West Virginia game, as many had hoped. But none of that matters in the first few weeks of the season. Just keep winning and it will sort itself out. There are concerns that need to be ironed out which are of more importance than poll rankings in week 2.