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Mistake-riddled NC State stalls at Louisville, 84-77


NCAA Basketball: N.C. State at Louisville Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

When you play on the road, turns out it’s difficult to overcome a lot of mental errors, and it was those mistakes that defined NC State’s 84-77 loss at Louisville. The outcome could have been different; everything could have been different but for the errors.

NC State turned the ball over 23 times on Thursday night, 23 times it just let the Cardinals off the hook without a challenge. Some of the officiating was bad, sure, but mostly it was State just doing dumb shit; dumb shit for which there is no accounting on the road. So it is.

This was a game for the taking, and State once again fought back from down double figures to make the final condition of it a disappointment. These are not easy games on the road, especially these are not easy games against teams that are fully realized urgency.

They’ll be fine. But it’s unfortunate that this team essentially dribbled this game off of its own shoes—there was plenty Louisville did well, and plenty that State just decided to lob on its own back. There’s no accounting for that.

The very bottom line is it’s hard to get away with finishing -8 in turnover margin and still win on the road. You kick it off your shoe enough times and it counts.