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Beta Test - BTP Hall of Fame. Help Requested.

Let’s give this thing a shot, with your help

Boston College v North Carolina State Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images

One of the most requested features has been to memorialize the excellent comments made by the BTP community. Some of the comments are pure gold, Jerry, gold. It would be great to memorialize those truly outstanding comments in a BTP Hall of Fame.

Since we can’t make a new section of the page (it’s just a clown blog), we’ll have to test out a new process for bringing attention to those comments y’all feel are worthy.

This will work if we crowd source it, given the hundreds upon hundreds of comments made per week.


Step 1: If you read a comment on any future post and really feel it worthy of being saved, reply to the comment with the hashtag: #BTPHOF.

Note: Not just everything can make it. Only a chosen few can be noted in the annals of BTP history. Be very picky with throwing that hashtag around. Don’t be one of those instagram posts with a hundred hashtags under it. Nobody likes those people.

Also note: Focusing on posts from here on out. I’m sure there were great posts before, but going backwards is the opposite of looking forward.

Step 2: ...okay really there’s just a Step 1. That was easy.

I’ll probably do a monthly recap of all those that have been noted, then the community can vote on which ones they feel should be saved in BTP carbonite for historical preservation. Everyone can vote on the best of the best. We could have a poll like the #goacc posts, or I’ll put them into the comment section for people to comment on the comments, and rec’ing the best ones. This way multiple deserving ones could get in, like a HOF class.

The last phase of permanent saving is a Step 3: Profit kind of thing that we’ll figure out when we get there. Let’s first get those great comments flowing. Why not weekly? Well, I’m lazy, and also I’m not sure how many worthy candidates we’ll see per week. Surprise me.

Considering I rarely come up with any ideas by myself, credit goes to RedAndWolf for how to structure this.

I’m calling this a beta test since we can adjust how best to work this as we go. If you think you have a better idea, share it.

#BTPHOF, remember it.