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BTP Team FSU Postgame Group Therapy aka a New Challenger Approaches!

Is that akulawolf’s music?!

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: SEP 08 Georgia State at NC State Photo by Michael Berg/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

This week’s chat features a new member of the team. His name is Steven Muma, he’s showing some real potential, I think he might just make the cut, even if he has questionable opinions on helmets. Also, PirateWolf got to hear the DJ Funderburk news in real time, that was fun.

TheRealEssad: We may have a special guest tonight, fellas

Be on your best behavior haha

PirateWolf: Ah, shit! Hide the beer!

JEOHankins2: Oh Boy *straightens tie*

(You added Steven Muma)

Steven Muma: aha!

TheRealEssad: Welcome to the show!


PirateWolf: It’s the cops! Run!!

JEOHankins2: “Who am I? Why am I here?”

TheRealEssad: Who narc’d

PirateWolf: I mean, Oh hey, Steven!

JEOHankins2: Shout out Admiral Stockdale

Steven Muma: Anybody come up with a magic cure for the football team yet.

PirateWolf: They still ain’t offered me the job, so sadly no

TheRealEssad: I thought that’s why you were here

Steven Muma: Hey, I have to delegate SOME things.

JEOHankins2: Michael’s Secret Stuff...but I think it doesn’t sit well with Wolfpackers

PirateWolf: Cigars and gambling?

TheRealEssad: Before we get rolling, I’d like to start things off by reminding everyone what a beating Bailey Hockman took.

Look at these pictures of Hockman getting lit the eff up on the targeting call

Steven Muma: I’m surprised he’s still alive.


(*NOTE: Not for the faint of heart*)

This is one tough dude

JEOHankins2: Yeah, there was a lot of talk that he was well liked by his FSU teammates before he left...uh...just maybe not by the defense

PirateWolf: Maybe put one of those Facebook violence warnings up before showing those...

TheRealEssad: Yeah, NSFW

Steven Muma: Good example of why I never played football.

TheRealEssad: True true

So with that...

First question

Do we have a QB??

Steven Muma: I estimate that we have roughly 0.58 quarterbacks.

TheRealEssad: Seems like a question that shouldn’t be needed after game 5, but hey

PirateWolf: Not enough significant digits, Steven

JEOHankins2: It’s funny you say that as I’m watching Jay Sam in the wildcat for the Steelers as we speak

TheRealEssad: I think that’s a good value

Steven Muma: By the way my idea to satisfy everyone would be to stack all three of them on each other’s shoulders and put them in a very large trenchcoat.

TheRealEssad: Little Rascals style, I like it

Steven Muma: Giving Hockman that much burn didn’t solve much as far as I’m concerned, though.

PirateWolf: Leary looked good in his time, which is exactly what we said about Hockman in the Ball State game, so... It’s groundhog day and, no, we still don’t have a definitive QB

JEOHankins2: I think Hockman showed a lot more confidence in his passing than McKay...but that confidence led to some dangerous taking the good with the bad?

TheRealEssad: This was Hockman’s quote in the postgame: “I just tweaked my knee a little bit. I’m fine, all good. No problems, I feel great”

So we should probably assume he’ll be ready with 2 weeks off

Steven Muma: It’s funny to me how there’s people who want Leary to start now. Like this is some stage in the mediocre-QB-carousel that includes a lot of denial and not a lot of logic.

TheRealEssad: Yeah, seriously

JEOHankins2: Folks are grasping at straws to just find an answer...

Steven Muma: Hockman could have had two throws housed on him and was lucky to get out of that game without that happening. I do appreciate some of the deeper looks, but I dunno man.

JEOHankins2: and IDK if we can accept that there might not be one

Steven Muma: No one can accept it, which is how you just go around and around and around picking the next guy up, and then the old next guy up, and so on.

JEOHankins2: Right, absolutely

TheRealEssad: At this point now I would like to defend Dave Doeren hanging with McKay as long as he did

I think we can see what he saw with Hockman. He can make good throws, but can also make some SUPER risky throws. His strategy was to hope Matt would ramp UP to making the good throws

Instead of starting with Hockman and needing to ramp him down

If Hockman throws some shoulda-been picks, the game is blown way out

Steven Muma: I appreciate that the coaches were decisive and also committed. I mean, what if it took a few games for Matt McKay to turn a corner? He needed to be able to play with the knowledge that he wasn’t going to get taken out after one mistake or two.

PirateWolf: I feel like the arm talent of the QBs (Leary, Hockman, McKay) may very well be inversely proportionate to the risks they take with passes, which is probably exactly why we’ve seen them in the order we have

TheRealEssad: Yeah, I’ve always hated when coaches make guys trade series

Steven Muma: Granted, Matt DIDN’T turn a corner, but I’m glad they gave him a decent sample of snaps before moving on.

JEOHankins2: This is where and why none of us are coaching a D1 P5 program...the choice between a guy who can;t move the ball at all...versus a guy who could potentially lead to multiple-TOs and lost a kobayashi maru if there is one

PirateWolf: Absolutely. It’s good that they didn’t panic, but there were also opportunities to get Hockman and Leary some more run in early games so that if McKay didn’t turn that corner, maybe the next guy up wouldn’t have to cut his teeth in Tallahassee

TheRealEssad: I think many people think it’s an obvious decision, but it clearly wasn’t

JEOHankins2: We know now...where Matt stands, do we give Hockman another game or two to see about him too? I have no idea how to answer any of this

TheRealEssad: That’s also fair. There were chances aplenty to at least let him get some action

PirateWolf: I am just really glad this is our bye week

TheRealEssad: I think DD has shown he doesn’t want to flip flop

He went with Hockman and stuck with him until he got hurt

We should assume he’s the guy as long as he’s healthy

JEOHankins2: That’s fair

Steven Muma: That’s what I’m expecting.

JEOHankins2: but CDD did rave over Leary in his presser. When asked about this..I think he’s looking to give both a shot

But I also assume Hockman is the starter until...his 3rd pick against Syracuse

TheRealEssad: Yup

Here are 3 compelling postgame quotes from DD that really stood out:

“At this point, we don’t have time to wait any more,” Doeren said.

“Love him to death, and he’s a great young man, but it’s one thing when you’re not completing the ball down the field,” Doeren said. “It’s another when you’re not completing it underneath.”

“Possibly, I mean, I don’t know,” Doeren said when asked if Leary’s performance changed the depth chart. “(Leary) looked great. I’m proud of him.”

Steven Muma: We’ll soon find out how well Hockman learns on the job. If he bombs against Syracuse then I recommend the team disband and become monks. Or convert to the triple option.

PirateWolf: Paul Johnson?!

JEOHankins2: Paul Johnson would LOVE the chance to play in Atlanta this year as a consultant

TheRealEssad: Consultant for hire, make the call

Steven Muma: Consultant gigs are the new hot pre-retirement retirement.

PirateWolf: I’ll consultant cash

TheRealEssad: Yeah why not, no blame if your suggestions blow up in smoke, and you get paid

JEOHankins2: Things are so uncertain, I looked at Chris Ash’s firing for some hope of consultation

Steven Muma: All you have to do is watch film all week. Paul Johnson has his own film shed at the facility. (It’s just the basement.)

TheRealEssad: Haha

Steven Muma: You can also look at what’s happening at Virginia Tech these days.

TheRealEssad: It can always get worse

We should never forget

PirateWolf: Fuente’s Dumpster Fire

TheRealEssad: Making a bowl consistently year after year, even if we want more, it can always get worse

Steven Muma: Speaking of which, we gonna get to a bowl this year or no?

TheRealEssad: I say yes, just barely

JEOHankins2: Ask me after Syracuse

TheRealEssad: Pinstripe

What do you think?

Steven Muma: At this point 7 wins feels like best-case scenario to me.

TheRealEssad: I’d take it

PirateWolf: Yeah, I think 6-6 is the most likely scenario

Steven Muma: I think there’s probably three more wins in here somewhere. We’re really fortunate to have Georgia Tech this season.

TheRealEssad: I’m glad Louisville and UNC are home games

JEOHankins2: I’d be happy with 7-5, but I’ll take 6-6 as long as we have the QB question answered and stay healthy

PirateWolf: I’d take 7 wins... But right now I’d just like to figure out the QB situation. Feel like most everything else is looking good

Steven Muma: Hey it’s all good, Ben Finley’s gonna come in and be the next Philip Rivers.

JEOHankins2: Hahahaha

no love for Ty Evans!

TheRealEssad: Or does Ryan Lindsey have any eligibility left?

Steven Muma: I forgot about Ty Evans completely! Ty Evans for starter!

TheRealEssad: I think most of us did too, hopefully DD hasn’t

PirateWolf: At this rate, we’ll be talking about how great Ty Evans looked after the Syracuse game.

TheRealEssad: My next question: How great did those red Tuffy helmets look? Like, great, or REALLY great??

I say REALLY great

JEOHankins2: we discuss I am watching Jay Sam dominate the Bengals and ya’s been a rough day

Steven Muma: I like the white ones better tbh.

Also wish State had more matte helmet looks

PirateWolf: I had to tell my wife to stop watching the game. Afraid she’d get pregnant just looking at those Tuffy helmets

TheRealEssad: Haha

Steven Muma: But the red ones are good too, don’t get me wrong. All the helmets: very good.

TheRealEssad: I need a mini one of those for my desk

Helmet, not your wife

JEOHankins2: I was a huge fan of the Black against Ball State....hope we bring them back out against Louisville

Steven Muma: Important clarification there, Essad.

TheRealEssad: Had to be clear

JEOHankins2: Yeah! Cue Homer in the Bushes gif

TheRealEssad: Apparently the recruits at the Ball State game loved the black ones too

PirateWolf: I don’t know how to respond...


Steven Muma: The kids all love black unis, and that’s why they exist.

JEOHankins2: Wes Snipes said it best

”Always bet on Black”

I aint mad at it

TheRealEssad: I have a millenial brother in law, he was watching the FSU game with me, they showed a montage of State and a clip of the gray uni’s and he goes ooooh

So there you go

Steven Muma: Signed his letter of intent on the spot.

PirateWolf: Ha

JEOHankins2: My students all loved the black uniforms when I’d show game highlights in class...cause ya know, that’s what I was supposed to be doing

TheRealEssad: Teacher of the year

Like the rockstars that would show us the ACC Tournament games during class

Steven Muma: That’s my kind of learnin’.

JEOHankins2: No doubt!

Steven Muma: “Kids, instead of reading one of Shakespeare’s tragedies, I give you ... the Punt To Gio Game.”

TheRealEssad: Haha

Soooo, the offense is bound to improve now, right? Right?

Steven Muma: It will get better.

TheRealEssad: Quote from OW’s post: State has just five scrimmage plays of over 30 yards this year (115th in the country) and only two that covered 40+ (112th)

Steven Muma: Basically everything malfunctioned on Saturday, including the receivers. So it can only get better.

TheRealEssad: That is bound to improve

PirateWolf: I want to make a joke, but I’m having flashbacks to the later Amato years

JEOHankins2: I believe it will get better...we face some bad defenses coming up so that may mask some of what is happening...but I think most of these guys are young enough to have room to grow

Steven Muma: That stat also gets at the heart of why it’s so damn depressing when your offense stinks: you get so few truly fun plays to enjoy.

PirateWolf: That’s true

JEOHankins2: Oh, indeed...that’s why folks love the Big 12...and no one ever gets fired because their defense stinks

Steven Muma: I suspect we’ll see a substantial difference not just returning home but playing in the night game atmosphere. That does help I think.

TheRealEssad: It comes down to the play calling, which has been so frustrating. Were the coaches being conservative based on their confidence with McKay? It’s hard to tell

Steven Muma: I’m inclined to think that promoting from within was a terrible idea. I have no faith in what they’re calling right now.

Feels like something that might be a big long-term problem, even if the QB isn’t. Hope I’m wrong.

PirateWolf: I’ve wondered that, too. Has the playcalling been conservative to hide the weak QB play? Or was McKay taking the safe passes in the offense?

TheRealEssad: We didn’t like Drink’s trick plays, but the man moved the sticks

JEOHankins2: I believe they were...a lot of what we saw against ECU has been fading away, I don’t know who to place the bulk of the blame on...and to that point, I personally don;t like when your QB coach isn’t your OC

TheRealEssad: The ECU game is now the outlier, and we were so excited after that game

Those plays are clearly in the playbook, bring those back!

PirateWolf: That weak ECU defense made us all falsely confident

JEOHankins2: NOT advocating for Kurt Roeper to take over...but it just feels like there’s a natural disconnect when the leader of your offense and the guy calling the plays sit in separate rooms during parts of weekly preparation

Steven Muma: All I know is I’ve seen enough of those damn lateral throws to the perimeter.

TheRealEssad: But the wheel routes though...

Steven Muma: But honestly, if we get a sharper performance from the QB next time out and the wide receivers don’t drop half a dozen balls, I think we’ll be backing off the panic button a bit.

TheRealEssad: I’m not hovering over the panic button

But it’s in the next room

PirateWolf: I do find it impressive that the NC State OCs were able to call the Clemson offense against UNC Saturday


My bigger concern for this one game only is health in the secondary...I think we can beat Syracuse with Hockman’s level of play at FSU...but they are going to take shots

Steven Muma: Syracuse will probably have a spring in their step now that there’s a Wegman’s in Raleigh.

TheRealEssad: Dude, don’t sleep on Wegmans

JEOHankins2: #Hardnosed

TheRealEssad: I was a hater before I experienced it, I was converted

Steven Muma: I am sure that it’s a perfectly fine grocery store.

TheRealEssad: Get used to them, they just announced they’re bringing another 5 more between Raleigh and Durham

JEOHankins2: We sure to come out in full force for anything new...I was still in Raleigh when that first Popeye’s was lines for half a mile

TheRealEssad: I heard the lines were equally as long on Western blvd during the chicken sandwich craze of 2019

PirateWolf: But we gotta see if Wegmans can maintain the attendance come 3rd quarter

Steven Muma: Those automatic doors were a big mistake smh

PirateWolf: They don’t even do passouts, they just let you right out the door... Idiots

TheRealEssad: Haha

So, Murchison had himself a game, huh?

PirateWolf: The defense had themselves a game

But, yes, it’s nice to know who our next 1st round draft pick is

TheRealEssad: How much of our sack breakout was our defense being overdue and how much was just how bad FSU’s o-line is?

PirateWolf: Hornibrook was holding that ball a lot longer, but the D-line dominated

JEOHankins2: THIS is why folks are so much more optimistic than after, say, Ball State or WVU...I remember all the posts saying that Dave’s teams quit when punched in the mouth...we did not see that Saturday

PirateWolf: Outside of that late Akers run, the FSU run game didn’t do a thing

Steven Muma: Yeah they hung in there.

TheRealEssad: Yeah, I liked seeing that

Steven Muma: FSU got some big plays through the air but we did a pretty good job of minimizing Noles’ huge speed advantage at WR.

JEOHankins2: It’s the run game performance that made more optimistic than the sacks...I expected Akers to slice us up

TheRealEssad: 4th and 1 you can’t give that up, but still

Steven Muma: The third quarter killed the defense. Guys were wiped out by that play.

TheRealEssad: Yeah, that makes me confident in containing AJ Dillon

JEOHankins2: That 4th and 1 was so fluky because the spot was bad, and FSU just immediately ran a play while that was up in the air...Miller was a bit out of position + tired guys and boom

TheRealEssad: If the time of possession were a little more equal, and offense being able to just stay on the field for longer stretches, who knows

PirateWolf: Don’t believe the false confidence! (But I’m quietly optimistic, too)

TheRealEssad: Haha, temper expectations, got it

Steven Muma: FSU only averaged 5.1 YPP -- second-worst performance of the year for that offense.

JEOHankins2: I need to ask a question to get some clarification

TheRealEssad: Sure, go for it

JEOHankins2: When Payton Wilson blocked that EP...was there a flag thrown? Or did the officials look at the replay and figured they screwed up?

Steven Muma: It was nearly impossible to tell from the broadcast. I think there was a flag and they were late in noticing it in the booth? Maybe?

JEOHankins2: Yeah...maybe that explains it...I hope that’s what it is...Dave looked pretty pissed afterward

Steven Muma: I noticed reporters at the game were tweeting the call well ahead of when it was actually explained on TV.

TheRealEssad: Okay I’m glad I wasn’t the only one confused

JEOHankins2: Ok cool

TheRealEssad: I was excited about the block then looked away at the game thread then looked back up to see them re-kicking

Steven Muma: But yeah the announcers didn’t handle that so well.

TheRealEssad: Among other things...

JEOHankins2: It was illegal as all hell...but that was the Payton Wilson moment for me, even more than the clothesline

Steven Muma: Payton Wilson: angry tackler.

TheRealEssad: Like the Dennis Smith after buzzer dunk. Didn’t count but felt great watching it

JEOHankins2: They should make Payton Wilson Office Linebacker commercials in a couple years for hype videos

PirateWolf: Payton Wilson: haunter of opponents dreams... Also possible decapitator

JEOHankins2: That’s a great example

TheRealEssad: Sign me up

I’m excited about the LB corps

Steven Muma: Agreed. Give ‘em a year or two and that’ll be a strength.

PirateWolf: My favorite is after the one armed, clothesline tackle... Watch Drake Thomas’ reaction

I love the LBs

TheRealEssad: Off the top rope, bagawd!

Every play that Wilson makes I get double happiness knowing we flipped him from UNC

Steven Muma: So those were the highlights. Murchison and Wilson. And nothing else.

Even the touchdowns the offense does score are boring-ass three-yarders.

TheRealEssad: Hockman had flashes

He had a great fade throw down the sideline, plus all the plays he extended with his feet

Steven Muma: All the big plays are being saved for Syracuse, I can only assume.

TheRealEssad: One can hope

Steven Muma: And now I’m not gonna think about the FSU game anymore.

TheRealEssad: Put it in a box and put it away forever

And with that, we’ll start to wrap up

Final thoughts?

Steven Muma: Offense hit rock bottom, defense was solid, game was closer than the final margin, and so I have no idea about anything.

JEOHankins2: One I think for future convos we could maybe give our BTPHOF moment of the game, a SSUPO as the week moves forward and maybe a June-ish optimistic hope

PirateWolf: Very thankful for the bye week. Hopeful that better QB play will fix the offensive woes. Encouraged by the defense. And happy because football is awesome, even if heartbreakingly depressing at times.

JEOHankins2: I am in a good place with this team...I don’t think we can ever be classified as “good” this year...but I like what we have in the stable, I think we will find a QB to move the ball somewhat...and really just want to make a bowl to continue momentum into 2020

and 2021...when Dave is going to have his come to Jesus season

Steven Muma: Everybody will feel better with a win next week, so let’s go with that.

TheRealEssad: Sssh, James, you’re revealing all the new segments we’ll add when we steal, I mean gladly accept, the podcast from Steven

JEOHankins2: Ahhhhh hell I can’t be trusted

Steven Muma: haha

TheRealEssad: So I do think this team will figure it out, and get to 6-7 wins, but there will be a lot of lost time while that happens

Let’s say we get to 7 wins, we’ll wonder that we could have had 9

But that’s how it goes, you can’t grow overnight

Steven Muma: Aye.

Fellas, enjoyed the conversation tonight.

JEOHankins2: Same here

TheRealEssad: Same here!

JEOHankins2: rough day, need the levity

PirateWolf: Yo tambien

TheRealEssad: We can decide if there’s enough news to talk about whether to have one next Monday or not

Or we take a break

PirateWolf: Save it for the podcast announcement!

JEOHankins2: Like maybe if DJ Funderburk is still off the team??

TheRealEssad: Haha

PirateWolf: I’m sorry, what?!

Steven Muma: Yeah, that would warrant it I think. Alas.

JEOHankins2: suspended*

TheRealEssad: Well I just saw it might not be as originally thought on that one

PirateWolf: Thanks for harshing this vibe, dude!

TheRealEssad: Giglio is now saying it’s gone from “indefinite” to 3 games

But that would include ACC opener, GT

JEOHankins2: Great...GT

TheRealEssad: Okay, aborting now!

PirateWolf: Later, fellas!

TheRealEssad: Have a great night y’all

JEOHankins2: My bad! haha peace!

Steven Muma: Adios!