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Wisconsin’s Brad Davison can’t seem to buy a charge these days

This is truly unfortunate.

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NCAA Basketball: Minnesota at Wisconsin Mary Langenfeld-USA TODAY Sports

Today The Athletic published a lengthy piece by Jesse Temple about Wisconsin guard Brad Davison and the paucity of charge calls he’s earned since he got four of them against NC State. Truly this piece does not fully express the outrage and sadness we all feel about this matter.

“I think that the refs do just as much scouting as these teams do,” [Wisconsin guard D’Mitrik Trice] said. “They keyed in on that, and it’s apparent in some of the calls that he doesn’t get. They’re definitely keying in on the ones that they should call and the ones that they shouldn’t call after that game where he had four charges.”

That is such an extreme shame. Terrible, shameful shame of a shame. I am feeling such pain and compassion for Scrappy McGee here. It is wholly unjust that Davison has been gifted a mere four charge calls since his hall-of-fame false-hustle display in November. I’m broken up. Can’t but hardly watch the sport anymore, this tragedy being so ever-present and profound.

Davison said he thought he had earned “quite a few more” charges since the N.C. State game than what had been called.

You hate to see it. His brand of gym-rattery is basketball played The Right Way and to have such efforts discarded as an embarrassing crutch used by a below-average basketball player is just plain wrong and incorrect and gosh it’s just a shame and I feel so bad.