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NC State drops a close one at Florida State, 73-78

NCAA Basketball: N.C. State at Florida State Melina Myers-USA TODAY Sports

So close, so very close. It took a missed three in the corner by NC State, then a bucket in transition by FSU to put it away in the Noles’ favor. There’s not a better approximation for the game today than that sequence, which buried State and allowed FSU to win.

This was a game with razor-thin margins, and Florida State was happy to allow for that, but they were out-mistaked by NC State. Sometimes you gotta live with that.

NC State definitely played well enough to win today, but it was the inability to deal with FSU’s size, just in an overall sense, that buried the team today. Could have been different. Alas.

When they look back on this one, the coaches will lament that it took a quarter of the game for anybody to realize that FSU is tall. Still they about stole this one.