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NCAA official says at least 6 college basketball programs will face sanctions amid recruiting scandal

Ohio State v Arizona Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

At least a half dozen of the programs that were caught up in the FBI’s probe into college basketball recruiting are due some significant NCAA sanctions, according to NCAA vice president of regulatory affairs Stan Wilcox. CBS Sports’ Dennis Dodd has the report.

Wilcox said that notices of allegations would be sent out soon, and two high-profile programs would be among those receiving them. The allegations include Level I violations, which result in the harshest penalties from the NCAA. (Postseason bans and/or scholarship reductions, for example.)

But which six? Wilcox wouldn’t go so far as to name any schools, but you’d have to figure that Arizona, Kansas, or Louisville will be among the “high-profile” basketball programs he mentioned.

As with almost all things NCAA, the full scope of its investigations is unclear. Maybe it stops at six schools, maybe it extends to a dozen, maybe it even goes beyond that. There’s no shortage of potential targets, thanks to the FBI’s wiretapping efforts.

Is NC State in the cross-hairs? Who knows! This figures to be an ongoing story throughout the summer as the NCAA rolls out its NOAs.