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Caesars Palace 2019 ACC football win totals: NC State pegged at 7.5

TaxSlayer Gator Bowl - North Carolina State v Texas A&M Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Caesar’s Palace released some college football win totals for 2019 and they look similar to some numbers published elsewhere in the spring (though I can’t seem to locate ‘em at the moment. For the ACC, Clemson not surprisingly leads the way with an over/under total of 11.5. NC State is tied for the second-highest total in the Atlantic Division with 7.5.

If I am reading the above-linked chart properly, betting the over on the Wolfpack is the underdog play. But the heck with that, it’s the offseason and logic holds no weight here—give me that over, baby! Going 3-1 in the non-conference and sweeping UNC/Louisville/GT just means we gotta find two more wins in the other five games. That’s doable.

The gap between Clemson and everybody else in the ACC is as plain here as anywhere else, with no other team having a win total higher than 8.5. Based on these totals, Miami and Virginia Tech are the favorites in the Coastal. The Pack, Syracuse, and FSU are expected in some order behind Clemson in the Atlantic.