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NC State Among the Best at Filling Their Football Stadium

The Carter is the place to be

NCAA Football: North Carolina at North Carolina State Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports posted an article about the Top 25 best/worst college football teams when it comes to filling their stadiums based on fill rate data provided by Phil Steele. As you may have guessed by this being mentioned on BTP, NC State does very well in this category. NC State tied Clemson for 11th place in the nation and 1st in the ACC with a 98.7% fill rate for Carter-Finley during the 2018 football season. NC State was even singled out for their representation in the list with the following quote:

Finally, props to NC State, the only ACC representative on the list except for Clemson, which has only lost one home game in five seasons. Compare the Wolfpack’s 98.7% fill rate (which ties them with the national champs) to more recognizable ACC schools such as Miami (94.1%), Virginia Tech (89.9%), Georgia Tech (78.3%), Louisville (77.3%) and North Carolina (69.2%).

Obviously, a couple of the “more recognizable” schools mentioned had dumpster fire seasons which likely led to the lower attendance figures, but it’d still be hard to replicate the fill rate numbers for The Carter.

And in case you were wondering, NC State football is well on its way to matching that fill rate for the 2019 season: