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Jacoby Brissett set to start for Indianapolis Colts in Week 1 after Andrew Luck abruptly retires

QBU, indeed

Chicago Bears v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Justin Casterline/Getty Images

Add one more name to the list of former NC State QB’s set to start in the NFL this season.

Tonight Andrew Luck abruptly walked away from his professional (and oft-injured) career. He’s been in a constant cycle of injury and rehab for several years, which can not be easy to live with. He showed so much promise, but ended up only playing seven seasons, which much of that time battling injuries and playing through pain.

But the show must go on, and the Colts are primed to slot in former QB Jacoby Brissett in Week 1, and presumably for the whole season.

The Colts have been propping up Brissett in recent weeks, referring to him as the best backup QB in the NFL. He has shown great results in the past, and has played well this preseason. Best of luck to Jacoby.

Between all the great work former Pack players have been doing in the preseason and now this, I really hope the coaching staff is printing flyers to promote themselves. Honestly, if you’re an in-state player seriously considering another in-state program, one of the State coaches could seriously just look at them and say, “But like.. why?”