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Georgia Tech gets slammed by NCAA for impermissible benefits

Possible clouds for NC State?

COLLEGE BASKETBALL: MAR 07 ACC Tournament - Georgia Tech v Pittsburgh Photo by Rich Graessle/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Georgia Tech has had themselves quite a day, which indirectly affects NC State.

“MORE: among the violations were a recruit interacting with a booster, including going to a strip club and giving the recruit $300 to use there. Also, booster giving two student athletes over $2k worth of “shoes, clothes, meals, transportation and lodging”

Georgia Tech will have to vacate records for games when ineligible student athletes competed. That has to happen within 2 weeks.

Other punishments include a fine, loss of one scholarship per year during probation and limits on recruiting abilities.”

The recruiting restrictions are:

  • An eight-week ban on unofficial visits
  • A three-visit reduction from the permissible number of official visits
  • An eight-week ban on recruiting communications
  • A reduction of 19 recruiting-person days from the permissible number
  • Prohibited from scheduling official visits in conjunction with home men’s basketball games during first two years of probation

Clearly, it seems like the NCAA is moving swiftly to deliver on their promise to provide their all their Notices of Allegations by their own late July deadline. Jokes aside, this is the first major punishment levied against a program in this current investigation cycle. It is possible that this would give both Kansas and NC State an idea of what to expect from possible punishments.

One would assume that Kansas’ penalties will be at least equally if not more severe, since both them and GT have the coaches still with the program. Time will tell if the fact that none of the individuals implicated from NC State are involved with the team will work to their advantage.

Tech will be hurt by these punishments for years. It’s easy to make jokes about their postseason ban if they wouldn’t qualify anyway, but the lost scholarships will really hamper them, as well as the recruiting restrictions. One wonders if Pastner is not long for this world as their head coach. Bill Self and Kansas will be fighting their NOA but since the deadline for responses was pushed out, any actual punishments would likely not be seen for them (and likely for NC State) until after the upcoming basketball season.

Silver lining for GT is they may be flipping newly decommitted WR Nate McCollum to their side. This would be a double bummer for NC State after Jamious Griffin last year.