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NC State rallies back to beat Duke

North Carolina State v Duke Photo by Lance King/Getty Images

If this were a straightforward universe, then we would just be upset about how poorly NC State played against Duke in the first half, in the first game between these two in seven years.

As it is not that, we get to worry about Devin Leary, and goddammit, if that is not a damper. There’s always a damper, always a reason you should just stop investing, and man, State had a good day but for this bullshit.

NC State overcame an impressively shitty first half of football to beat the everliving shit out of Duke, which is otherwise known as Fumbly McGee.

I don’t know that I can recall a more satisfying win—this is literally the best that Duke football can do, best their seven landlord-ass fans have dared dream. And what a tragedy for them.