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NC State to Unveil New “Blood Moon” Alternates

North Carolina State v Pittsburgh Photo by Justin Berl/Getty Images

NC State and Adidas Football seem to be planning on unveiling a new alternate football uniform for the game against Florida State on November 14th.

I put together some uniform retrospective posts back over the summer that detailed out the different looks that the Pack wore during the 2010’s. The only change that State has instituted thus far in 2020 from what they’ve worn in the past is that they’ve gone with the oversized Tuffy head logo on both the red & white helmets this year. Previously they’d only used those that oversized Tuffy head logo on the white helmets that were used with the “Ice Wolf“ and “Stealth Wolf“ uniform sets in 2018 and 2019.

Not much to be gleaned from the tweet embedded above other than the fact that State & Adidas are predicting an upcoming eclipse. Based on the video in that tweet, I’m personally hoping they dub these new uniforms the “Astrologist Wolf” set. Or maybe “Moon Wolf”?

Edited to Add on 10/20/2020:

State just unveiled another short teaser today that included a brief glimpse of the uniforms. Looks like they’re going with a black helmet, red jerseys with black numbering/lettering & black stripes on the shoulders, and black pants. They’ve also got “WOLFPACK” across the chest, which is just the second time they’ve done with game jerseys after the white Ice Wolf uniforms they wore on a couple of occasions in 2018. Really wish they’d go with “WOLFPACK” across all of their jerseys, IMO it’s a much better look.

Additionally, see a link from NC State Athletics below with close-ups of the jerseys:

NC State “STRATEGY” “Blood Moon” Uniforms

I personally would have preferred these to be all red with the black numbers if they were playing up the Blood Moon aspect, but I don’t hate them. Don’t love them either though. The black - red - black looks very Texas Tech or Louisville.

Per the release, the set will feature matte black helmets with the oversized Tuffy logo (although they don’t like that in the pictures included in the link). Hopefully that FSU game where these will be debuted is a night game.