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Pack Mens Basketball Unveils New Jerseys

ACC Men’s Basketball Tournament - Second Round Photo by Jared C. Tilton/Getty Images

Hello fellow State fans. With all of the recent schedule talk going on for the MBB program, that means basketball season is quickly approaching. The MBB program’s Twitter account posted the following tweet earlier today with a good look at new all-white jerseys to be used this year:

The primary changes to the new jersey are, (1) they got rid of the alternating red/black piping along the arm sleeves, and (2) they also decided to finally add a black outline to the “NC STATE” wording across the chest. The previous incarnation of State’s jerseys simply had a black outline for the numbers, but no outline for the name on the front of the jersey, which always looked a little odd to me.

The tweet doesn’t offer much of a look at the shorts, but it appears that a Tuffy wolf head will be on one leg. I still prefer to see “PACK” across the leg like many of the older State jerseys, but I don’t really mind seeing more Tuffy. My only real complaint is that I wish they had used this version of the Tuffy head that would’ve allowed the entire uniform set to simply be white/red.

Interestingly enough, I saw these new white jerseys, as well as new red and black uniforms, pop up in an email from the University Bookstore last week that termed them as “Adidas Swingman Jerseys”, so I was wondering if we’d see an official announcement for a new uniform sets coming soon.

Here are some to links to what we can expect the red and black uniforms to look like. The main change for the red is that instead of alternating red/black piping along the arm sleeves, that piping is now all black. And the primary difference in the black jersey is that they will now say “WOLFPACK” across the chest like some of the alternate football uniforms. The red ones look fine (still not a huge fan of the piping along the arm sleeves), but I really like the new black set.

During the middle of this pandemic when there was next to nothing going on, I posted a few uniform retrospective pieces across the MBB, Football, and Baseball programs at NC State. You can find the post I did for the MBB program here. These new white jerseys are very similar to what I termed as the “2018-2019 All White / No Shoulder Piping Uniforms”. We oddly wore these all white jerseys in like one or two games during that 2018-2019 season and never saw them again. I personally thought the design of those all white uniforms were by far our best look at home in a long time, so I’m also a pretty big fan of these if they are indeed the new home primaries.