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NC State rallies back to beat Liberty, 15-14

NCAA Football: North Carolina State at Pittsburgh Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The final score on this one is never going to do it justice; you could not possibly figure, if you weren’t watching, that this could be a compelling back-and-forth effort, rather than simply a comedy of errors.

Ahem. It was both.

What an incredible game of missed opportunities, begun by NC State, which missed a first-quarter field goal that could have helped settle down the entire premise. But good lord, on they went from there, the lot of them.

State did eventually score first, putting a firm point on a vague level of winning play, but when you can’t package together an overwhelming effort into some points, it doesn’t so much matter.

Liberty tied the game with a touchdown pass heading right into halftime. Liberty also was the receiving team out of the break. Liberty had this one assumed, I think; or at least the Flames had found a solid win out of an even break for 30 minutes, and from there, who knew.

Yeah, who knew? And this was weird game. NC State could have taken control early, then disappeared for a good while, then managed to reappear when it mattered most. In between, there was a lot of no points being scored. Difficult to explain this one if you didn’t see it. It happened, sure. But fuck Liberty, though.

What a year!