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College football Saturday open thread

NCAA Football: Miami at Duke Nell Redmond-USA TODAY Sports

It’s definitely weird to have your team’s season wrapped up, 11 games all done, and there are still two weeks left in an extended regular season, but welcome to sports in 2020.

I guess we can call this Schadenfreude Week, officially. UNC-Miami is one of the headliners today. Go Canes! And Duke-FSU is happening for some reason, and that should involve a lot of mutual pain, and that’ll be funny. Also tonight there is UVA-VT, and I don’t know that there’s a fan base that loathes its moderately successful head coach quite like Tech fans hate Justin Fuente—so that’ll be fun if the Hokies struggle.

Look, today, I just want to watch the world burn. Just gonna sit back and enjoy that we’re 8-3 while everyone else bathes in angst.