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Merry Christmas! And go to hell, Carolina

NCAA Basketball: North Carolina at Kentucky Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

There’s a good chance this era will end as quickly as it started, but it is deeply funny to watch UNC basketball look so clueless, so out of sorts, and utterly disinterested in modern basketball along the way. (It’d be a lot funnier if we had beaten these dudes last year, but you can’t have everything.)

It’s always good to beat them when they cannot simply tape over their problems with top-30 recruits. And boy do they become whiners quick when the talent ain’t there to get the job done by itself.

Endless complaining from these people, a countless worrying of problems or solutions that exist only in their own heads, to somehow combat the fact that NC State is a lot better than that team this year.

You don’t get these years often, at last check, but I’m going to take this one as far as it goes. And it’ll never stop being funny that State ruined Roy’s Christmas.