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Highlights! NC State finds enough big plays to beat Georgia Tech

NCAA Football: North Carolina State at Syracuse Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

NC State’s offense wasn’t great on Saturday afternoon, especially early in the game, but the Wolfpack did come around, and using tempo among other things, wore down the Georgia Tech defense on some key drives.

This was a much cleaner game on both sides of the ball, and that was necessary, because Tech didn’t make a ton of mistakes either. If the Pack was gonna be handing out gift touchdowns against his week, the outcome might have been different.

After watching that Hockman pass to Carter a few times, it becomes clear that Hockman’s decision-making process on the play was fine, he just didn’t see the safety booking it from the field-side to help out the corner—because that safety was way out of position.

The Tech safety is in a dead run at the snap; Hockman sees Carter with a one-on-one opportunity and gives him a good ball he can go get—which he does. Tech’s corner also plays poor technique, looking back for the ball despite not being in phase with Carter. Safety’s still a little late, too discombobulated to make the play, and nearly collides with the corner, and all they can do is kinda wave at the pass too late. Good execution from State wins that down.

NC State got enough chunk plays like that one to fend off Georgia Tech, which to its credit at this point in the season, didn’t make the trip just to quit.