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So BTP’s offseason started 3 months early: What do we do now?

Pub talk: Dr. Robert Perreault of the Clinical Research Institute of Montreal explains the workings ... Photo by Jeff Goode/Toronto Star via Getty Images

Under normal sports-circumstances we’d be talking about the NCAA tournament right now, and once basketball was over, we’d have baseball to keep us company until June, but forget about that, pal! There isn’t even likely to be much in the way of recruiting news with everything at a standstill.

By next week, there’s a good possibility that I’ve become some form of depressed Bart.

I haven’t quite figured out what is going to happen with all this extra time we suddenly have around here, though I think it’s gonna get a little zany. Be prepared for zany. Certainly there will still be daily posts of some kind. For starters, I was thinking of a daily open thread where everybody could talk about whatever off-topic thing is on their minds. Maybe I’ll start reviewing movies, who knows.

For sure I’m going to start exploring the Getty image archive that I have access to—see for example the header image on this post. I did a search for speakeasy and this was one of the photos that popped up. Here’s the caption from Getty:

Pub talk: Dr. Robert Perreault of the Clinical Research Institute of Montreal explains the workings of The Speakeasy; a computer being used to get the message on smart thinking on drinking across to college students. Computer will be at Ryerson and Humber College next week.

I couldn’t find any information on this square or his nerd machine on Google, which is just as well. Clearly it didn’t take off for ol’ Bob here. It figures that this would be a Canadian guy’s idea though. Buddy, nobody in college is trying to hear about responsible drinking. The whole point is the beer makes you increasingly certain of the great choice you’re making to consume it.

Damn thing looks like an ATM but for scolding.

What term or phrase should I search for in the archive for Tuesday? I will accept your nominations.