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BTP The Offseason, Day 3: But please, no goats

Denver Post Archives Denver Post via Getty Images

Among the myriad things underscoring the surreal nature of these times, we have ESPN flying by the seat of its pants lookin’ like me trying to find content ideas in July. It’s been interesting to watch a network that has evolved to orbit around opinion shows get left with little to generate talking points.

ESPN had planned a special on Tuesday during which they would unveil a 64-person “Greatest College Basketball Players of All-Time” bracket, with analysis from various network hoops personalities, and Bill Walton. This was moved to Thursday so ESPN could instead spend eight hours talking about Tom Brady. So it goes these days.

But David Thompson no doubt will be a high seed in this field, and I will post about it, and thus the content cycle moves onward.

To more pressing matters: namely, what on earth do they do in the Colorado state legislature? Today I searched for cavort in the Getty archive, producing the above photo with this caption:

MAY 20 1977 Democrats Cavort In Annual ‘Hummers’ Award Snow Thursday Rep. John McElderry, R-Lakewood, leads away ***** goat presented to him by Rep. Chuck Howe, D-Boulder, behind lectern, during the annual ***** Award show Thursday. Minority Leader Ruben Valdez, D-Denver, watches. McElderry was ribbed for his role as a long-suffering former pastor. The annual show is presented by House minority party to mem­bers of majority party.

Ah but for the simpler times of the, uh, late ‘70s.

I couldn’t find much about this Colorado General Assembly tradition on the internet, but it appears to be going strong still, or at least it was around 2014. (Turns out politicians are as unfunny as they all generally appear to be.)