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BTP The Offseason, Day 5: Suit up!

Have a wicked crack at it, Gerry!

New Cricketing Dresses Photo by Print Collector/Getty Images

As an American, I recognize that celebrities are our greatest natural resource, and I sleep easily at night knowing they are there, always guiding, forever loving. Rarely are they wrong, but Thursday was one of those days.

Witness this excruciating sing-along rendition of a dreadful John Lennon song featuring a variety of prominent-but-preferably-avoided individuals. (Anything containing Jimmy Fallon should come with a warning up front.) Certainly what we all needed right now was this hollow gesture of solidarity from a slice of the population least likely to be bothered by any given crisis. Read the damn room.

But this is the kind of shit you get from people who are rarely told their ideas are bad. They’re only going to get increasingly bored as time passes so I’m bracing for what’s still to come.


What’s in the picture machine today? A cricket joke from the 19th century. The caption:

New Cricketing Dresses, To Protect All England Against The Present Swift Bowling’, 1854. Satirical illustration showing cricketers wearing outlandish padded outfits to prevent injury from fast balls. From “Punch, or the London Charivari”, 1854. Artist Unknown.

If the Major League Baseball season ever gets underway, I expect you’ll see the Houston Astros wearing something similar.