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BTP The Offseason, Day 8: Mind Alice Cooper’s pet snake

Pop singer Alice Cooper aged 23 flew into Heathrow Airport today with his pet boa constrictor, wearing a flimsy see-thro Photo by Daily Mirror/Mirrorpix/Mirrorpix via Getty Images

This week I’m going to pick an old edition of Technician at random just to see what was doin’ at NC State, in sports or otherwise. Here is a note from the Dec. 4, 1958 issue about the economic impact of Reynolds Coliseum on Raleigh:

As mentioned, Reynolds hosted the ACC tournament and the Dixie Classic back in those days, and both events were big draws. With 200,000+ folks visiting the Coliseum during the season and each one averaging about a whopping five bucks in spending in Raleigh, the city could expect a total economic impact of around a million bucks!

Also in this issue:


Today’s photo is Alice Cooper doing what I imagine was a fairly standard Alice Cooper thing. Naturally if you’re going on tour in England then you have to have your pet python along. Caption:

He calls his python Rachina and allowed it to slide over his face and neck. Alice Cooper flew in from the United States and will be appearing in Britain. He is staying in London. October 1971.

This does make it all the more difficult to reconcile the old man version of Alice Cooper, which is mostly just a golf-playing normie.