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Coronavirus putting a halt to college basketball’s coaching carousel

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NCAA BASKETBALL: DEC 23 Providence at Boston College Photo by Fred Kfoury III/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

With multiple states on lockdown and everybody in the country encouraged to stay home, it’s not possible for schools to conduct a traditional coaching search right now. Some are deciding to punt on this year, which is what Boston College did this week.

There has been no announcement from Wake Forest, where Danny Manning seemed certainly out the door not long ago—David Glenn reported that buyout negotiations were underway earlier this year. But in light of what happened at BC, you have to wonder if Wake officials see a move as feasible at this point.

There is not a single power-conference job vacancy right now, and the next power-conference team to fire a coach will be the first. There are only half a dozen jobs open, which is also highly unusual for this time of year.

A men’s basketball coaching change is such a critical process for so many schools, it’s understandable that they might be more inclined not to go through it at all if they feel like they can’t do it right.

So much is up in the air, including the status of next season—will it start on time, if it happens at all?—that staying in a holding pattern looks like the prudent course for most programs. It still may not be enough to save Manning’s job, but either way I wouldn’t expect the usual level of coaching movement to materialize.