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BTP The Offseason, Day 11: Some twists but no turns

SEA Last lighthouse keeper 2 Photo by PA Images via Getty Images

In 1930, Technician published a wildly offensive rant from an alumnus regarding NC State’s decision to allow women to enroll.

See, there’s always been “X is ruining Y” Guy. This fellow simply cannot BELIEVE the audacity of women who would want to go to NC State—a man’s school—what with their SHOES and their WALKING to CLASS to LEARN THINGS. The current iteration of this guy is writing angry letters to the editor about Colin Kaepernick spittin’ on the troops by kneeling for the anthem or some shit like that.

Anyway that’s too bad that girls ruined NC State way back then. If they’d told me the school was broken, I never would have gone there myself. Now what am I supposed to do with this degree? Who could find it credible after this revelation?


Pictured above, a Scottish keeper of the light. Caption:

Angus Hutchison, Principal Lightkeeper, goes down the spiral stairs of his lighthouse for the last time today (Tuesday). The South lighthouse on Fair Isle off Shetland is the last manned lighthouse in Scotland. The Northern Lighthouse Board has completed its automation programme, and ends over 200 years of lightkeeping tradition.

You just hate to see it, because I’ve found—and I’m sure you’d agree—that when a lighthouse lacks a personal touch, you can really tell the difference. Sure, any old computer these days can broadcast a message that says “hello, here is some land, don’t hit it with your boat” in the form of an extremely large light, but where’s the heart?