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BTP The Offseason, Day 29: Send in the gin-mobile

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The Gin Juggarnath Or The Worship Of The Great Spirit Of The Age!! ? Photo by Historica Graphica Collection/Heritage Images/Getty Images

It’s gonna be tough in the coming months for athletics departments everywhere, especially since starting football season on time seems unlikely. Earlier this month, Old Dominion announced that it was shuttering its men’s wrestling program (which has been pretty good) to cut costs—dropping the sport might save the school around $1 million.

The decision was made based on an independent study of ODU’s finances, which I found interesting as a possible harbinger of similar moves among mid-major schools. (Also interesting to read how Conference USA membership has hurt ODU.)

I’m hopeful that a rash of downsizing won’t have to happen throughout college athletics because that would just be depressing as hell, but there’s so much uncertainty surrounding football, its tough not to worry.

A silver lining in Old Dominion’s story is that the school is still going to honor wrestlers’ scholarships through the end of their fourth academic year. Losing your sport is painful enough without also having to suddenly worry about paying for school.


The Gin Juggernath! Why “juggernath” instead of “juggernaut,” I do not know, but maybe I’m missing a bit of wordplay here.

The Gin Juggarnath or the Worship of the Great Spirit of the age!! - It’s devotees destroy themselves - It’s progress is marked with desolation, Misery and Crime, pub 1835

I absolutely love the idea of a rolling gin-dispenser; perhaps it could travel from neighborhood to neighborhood during hot summer afternoons, like the adult-fun version of an ice cream truck. One big compartment for gin, another for tonic, and then on the roof you’ve got a guy manning a bazooka that shoots limes.