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BTP The Offseason, Day 45: No, I’ll abandon YOUR ship

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A movie scene from Sink the Bismarck Photo by Mondadori Portfolio by Getty Images

I found some NC State football optimism, and it didn’t come from anyone on this web site, so this the last time you haters can accuse us of running a pro-NC State operation, thank you very much. Wait a minute.


Chip Patterson of CBS Sports predicts that the Wolfpack will win eight games this season, including a 4-0 run through non-conference play, with a reasonable split in ACC games.

One thing I will note here as preface is that recency bias works both ways: if your team is coming off an outstanding year and a bowl win, then it carries some imaginary positive momentum into the next year; if your team sucked the year prior, then it is doomed to suck again, because do you remember those times it sucked?

I mention that because it governs my reaction as a fan to outside predictions. See, this whole eight-win-thing, seems a little wild. Actually it seems patently stupid. Doesn’t make it impossible.


Let me begin with the countless issues I have with Sink The Bismarck

A movie scene from Sink the Bismarck

You see there? That’s number one.