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BTP The Offseason, Day 22: Can we get some hugs around here?

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Eureka Weed Killer, 19th century. Photo by History of Advertising Trust/Heritage Images/Getty Images

As we plunge deeper into this period of isolation, I find myself fixating on the most basic aspects of human interaction that I take for granted that aren’t possible right now. Like at this point if I had the opportunity, I would probably watch an hour-long compilation of people hugging. Just all kinds of hugging. Tear-jerker hugging. Bros bro-hugging. Awkward hugging. Maverick and Ice Man hugging (possibly a sub-genre of the bro-hug). Wild celebration hugging.

I give it two weeks before I’m approaching every person at the grocery store—from a safe distance, mind—and asking them what they’ve been up to. Or just complimenting people on the products they’re buying. “In the cereal aisle looking for some cereal, huh? I love it. Great work.”

So anyway, how you doin’?


“Bless my soul, not a weed to be seen!” Indeed you could expect a lot from Eureka Weed Killer back in the 1890s.

‘Eureka’ Weed Killer, Tomlinson & Hayward Mint Street Chemical Works, Lincoln, 1896

I can appreciate a marketing message that says “killing weeds is not quite like discovering electricity, but then again it’s not terribly far off, either.”