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BTP The Offseason, Day 24: Good man bitten by dog

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Good Man Of Islington Bitten By The Dog Photo by The Print Collector/Heritage Images via Getty Images

Trying to run a football program during a pandemic: it’s a nightmare. You can get an idea of just how annoying it is by watching the below interview with Dave Doeren.

“We’re having a team Zoom meeting on Friday, which is kind of interesting, 140 people on there.” Dave’s a good sport with that remark, so let me translate: “Wow this is the worst idea I have ever heard 140 people wow this is stupid and dumb.”

Among a variety of things I’d never considered, Dave mentions that kids’ housing has been thrown into chaos. Football is basically year-round and guys don’t normally go home for the summer. Some kids live on campus, some don’t. So there ends up being a lot of stuff that needs to be sorted out there.


Good man bitten by dog:

Good man of Islington bitten by the dog, circa 1879. ‘But, when a pique began, The dog, to gain some private ends, Went mad, and bit the man’. From “An Elegy on the Death of a Mad Dog”, by Oliver Goldsmith, illustrated by Randolph Caldecott. [London, circa 1879]. Artist Randolph Caldecott.

When the mad dog bit that man, I felt that.