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ACC and other power conferences will take cues from NFL in the months ahead

ACC Men’s Basketball Tournament - Quarterfinals Photo by Jared C. Tilton/Getty Images

ACC commissioner John Swofford met with the media on Thursday to provide a few procedural updates, with, understandably, a heavy dose of I-don’t-knows to go with a focus on football

Swofford says that the league is planning optimistically as though there will be football in the fall; he also says that the major conferences have been in touch with Roger Goodell and will be watching what happens with the various pro leagues this summer. Via Donna Ditota of

“I think testing is going to be critical for us to be back to play. One of the things colleges can look at is whatever happens with the professional leagues this summer, whether it’s the NBA or Major League Baseball or the NFL. The A5 commissioners were on a lengthy call with the NFL last week with Commissioner Goodell. We may benefit from certain things that are done even before the NFL gets back to camp and plays under whatever circumstances they might plan in. I do think that testing is going to be critical for our ability to get back and bring our student athletes back.”

Swoff mentions other leagues but obviously the keenest interest lies in the NFL and its actions moving forward, since the power conferences desperately need football in order to keep the money party moving forward. And on that note, who knows what contingencies may eventually be put in place:

Can you imagine how wild a football round-robin within the Big 4 would be? Well, I mean, we’d have to maintain the wildness within our homes, which would probably be for the best since NC State has maybe the worst roster of the four, but still.