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BTP The Offseason, Day 75: We made it! ... Oh wait we haven’t gone anywhere

Try Loving In An Aeroplane Photo by Sheridan Libraries/Levy/Gado/Getty Images

I apologize for any confusion with regards to the ongoing continuance of this heretofore unstoppable series, as at the time on Friday I was unclear of which day was that day, thinking that in fact it was the next day, Saturday, when in reality it was the previous day, which at the time was the current day—Friday. Little confusion concerning the internal dynamics of the space-time continuum.

Anyway, I’m getting too inside baseball here. So how’s everybody doin’? Hanging in there? Y’all see where Tom Brady split his pants playing golf yesterday?


This tune was, I believe, the inspiration for Aerosmith’s hit, “Try Loving In An Elevator.”

Sheet music cover image of the song ‘try Loving in an Aeroplane’, with original authorship notes reading ‘Words by A Dubin Music by Jos A Burke’, 1911. The publisher is listed as ‘Welch and Wilsky, Colonial Theatre, 15th St. Below Chestnut St.’, the form of composition is ‘strophic with chorus’, the instrumentation is ‘piano and voice’, the first line reads ‘Now girls, if you’re spooney, why I’m almost looney to take you out with me’, and the illustration artist is listed as ‘unattributed photo of Florence LeVere’.

Big quarantine vibe here, obviously: a guy is loony-level desperate to take out any and all girls who are just in the mood to spoon, or perhaps are ambivalent but could eventually be talked into spooning.