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BTP The Offseason, Day 77: NHL set to flood ailing country with playoff games

Air Wedding Photo by Keystone/Getty Images

The NHL will return with a 24-team super-kinda-playoff-tournament dealio, possibly in late July, and I dunno I might need a flow chart or something to understand exactly how this all works. Somehow it involves soccer-style groupings with round robin play for the top four teams in each conference, plus a bunch of five-game play-in serieseses.

Anyway, the Hurricanes have drawn the Rangers for one of those best-of-five play-in series, which will set the traditional 16-team playoff field. The NHL plans to select two cities to host the entire playoffs (Raleigh will not be one of them), and there will be no fans.

You ever wanted to watch playoff hockey in September (and October)? Well, my friend, it seems 2020 is going to provide you with exactly that opportunity.


Me: “I wonder what would come up if I searched ‘weird helicopter’?”


Tsen Hai Sun and Hay Gy Sun, hanging by their hair beneath a hovering Bell helicopter, exchange gold rings in an unusual wedding ceremony in Hassloch, Pfalz, West Germany.

BRIDE: [screaming in agony]

GROOM: [screaming in agony]

PILOT (shouting to be heard): Hey, has the ceremony started yet or what?

CO-PILOT: Can’t tell!